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How can Australian Dental
Benchmarks help you?


Improve your practice

Benchmarking is a powerful tool allowing you to compare your practice against others of the same size, offering insight into the performance of competing business within the same industry. 


Find the key to

Staff are the most important resource in any practice but also the hardest to manage. Getting staff levels and productivity right can make a huge difference to your bottom line results.

With Australian Dental Benchmarks, you get access to all the data you need to make those crucial staffing decisions, from establishing the optimum number of Full Time Equivalents to the most effective rostering.

Competitive edge

Give you a
competitive edge

Australian Dental Benchmarks can give you the competitive edge by providing a tangible measurement of your practice compared to other practices of a similar size both locally and nationally. This gives you an important edge in negotiations and delivering a better final outcome.

New doctors

Find new

Benchmarking is an excellent tool for demonstrating to prospective dentists that yours is indeed a high performing, high quality practice. If it’s a choice between two similar practices, one that meets or exceeds Australian Dental Benchmarks standards and one that doesn’t, the decision is an easy one to make. 

Strengths and weaknesses

Identify your strengths and

Australian Dental Benchmarks can assist your practice in identifying areas of strength, assisting you in planning for success. The program will measure a number of Key Performance Indicators which are specific to your practice, focusing on resourcing, profitability and performance. 

Buy or sell

Buy or sell a

The single biggest issue for any  dentist when buying or selling  a practice is to establish its true value.

While the value of the physical  premises and equipment is pretty straightforward to  ascertain, putting a value on more intangible things like goodwill  can be tricky. Australian Dental Benchmarks will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your practice, giving you a better understanding of your overall value. 

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Key Features
Why use this benchmarking tool?

Easy to use
benchmarking system

Detailed reports outlining all 
aspects of your practice 

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Gives you the upper hand
in comparision to other
practices of the same size


Identifies your strengths
and weaknesses

Track your performance

Allows you to track your 
practice performance over a 
three month period (or longer) 

Powered by a trusted
financial adviser

Technical support

Technical support and
advice all business days

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Curious to see
how our software
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    "Without having the professional support from the Australian Dental Benchmarks team we would not of had the same successful transition."


    Ian McDonald, ABC Dental Practice