About Australian Dental Benchmarks


The Australian Dental Benchmarks program is an initiative of Cutcher & Neale, and follows in the footsteps of the successful Australian Medical Benchmarks program, which has been in operation since 2010.

Throughout this time, the program has continued to grow the active number of participants in order to provide you with the most accurate, up to date and geographically diverse industry benchmark in Australia.

Being the first of its kind within Australia, the principal objective has been to develop a benchmarking tool that could provide Dental practices with a current, detailed and broad geographic report.

Today, the Australian Dental Benchmarks continues to grow its member base and adapt its capabilities to suit the needs of Dental Practices and Professionals.

About Cutcher & Neale

The Australian Dental Benchmarks program is owned and powered by Cutcher & Neale Accounting and Financial Services. 

Established in 1953, we are one of the leading regional accounting and finance consulting firms in Australia. Located in Newcastle's CBD & North Sydney, the firm comprises nine Partners and over one hundred staff within nine specialist divisions. 

From the day the firm first opened its doors, Medical and Dental clients have been at the heart of our business. As a result, we have an intimate understanding of the unique requirements of both professions acquired over 60 years. Our passion for assisting Dental professionals to achieve their personal and financial goals has been one of the driving forces behind the creation and continual growth of the Australian Dental Benchmarks program.

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